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CamGirls Guide to Social Media

CamGirls Guide to Social Media

Whether you're an independent or working on a network site.  If you aren't utilizing social media you are missing out.

Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with current clients and attract new ones by getting your body out there.

First off when using any form of social media, make sure you create a new account that's tied to your specific performer profile.  What I mean by that is don't re-purpose old accounts.  Like if you have a lifestyle Instagram, don't start promoting your cam site on there.  You are advertising to the wrong audience.   


Twitter you might be surprised to learn has a massive porn audience.  As a Cam model, you need to set up a twitter account with your model name.  In your description section, write something seductive and if you are working on a network site use the referral links they gave you to link to your room.  Make sure you use the one that links to your room and not the camsite home page.  You want the followers you attract to be your customers, not someone elses.
If you don't work at a cam site it's still a great way to communicate, just link your description to wherever you set up a profile with your rates and content.

Whatever social media you use, you should maintain a constant presence on it.  Don't just tweet when you go on cam.  Tweet something at least every day.  Whether it be some teasy picture for the day of the week theme.  SexySaturday, SundayFunday, humpday.  Or whatever the current trend is when you read this.  Along with that just literally tweet out random things about your day or whatever is going on.  It only takes a minute and it will let your more loyal interested customers feel like they are getting to know beyond the cam room.  This will help keep you on their mind, so when they want to spend some cash on a model, they will think of you first.

To use it to promote yourself a bit more, find tweeters that have NSFW themes, like an ass themed twitter.  Tweet at them to try and get your butt out there so you're bringing in more customers.

As for any social media account, avoid uploading full nudes or censored nudes.  Being a cam model is about selling your body.  If you're putting it all out there, you aren't leaving anything up to the imagination.  If there is less to be curious about, there is less incentive to follow you to your cam room.  So stick to sexy teasing but don't show the goods.   You can still do a form of censoring for full nudes.  I recommend creative censoring.  I.E covering with your hands, maybe a pillow.  Get creative and sexy, make them want you.  Avoid digital censoring, I.E the black bar, or blurry line.  The only time you should use digital censoring is when you are promoting exclusive content, rather than yourself.  I.E taking a hardcore photo from a private gallery and using it to promote said gallery/fan club.

"Get this uncensored and access to a lot more exclusive photos by joining my fan club ;)"

Twitter is also a great way to keep your fans updated on you.  In case you decide to take a vacation from camming.  You can let them know easily.


I've never really had good luck with Instagram, and I noticed a number of modeling sites recommend against it.  You can get a lot of followers and exposure, but what people have been saying is there is a low conversion rate.   Meaning a low rate of getting paying customers from it.  You're also limited to the content you can post.  I believe you can't even show pubic hair or hints of it on there.  If you wanted to use it to post sexy non nudes, twitter might be your better option.  If you want to branch out and start a following with a more tasteful modelling account. I say go for it, but you probably wont be sending a lot of people to your cam site through here.  If anyone else has any other experience, please let me know.

Tumblr seems to be a great success with models.  I've been on it myself for a few years and have seen countless independent models spring up  within this social media community.

It's pretty easy to set up, choose a name, find some porn blogs to follow and you're good to go.  You'll need to create a "me" tag and post sexy photo's of yourself on it.  Then go out and find some sex blogs that accept submissions and submit to them with a request for a link back to your blog.  Easiest way to do that is find some picture with a ton of notes on it, and scroll through the notes and see what blogs have reblogged it or even posted it originally.

Girls this is going to be exceptionally easy to find. Guys, the easiest thing for you to do is google some gay sex terms along with the word tumblr and you should find the more popular blogs for your audience.  The biggest issue guys run into trying to promote on tumblr is they are trying to promote to the wrong audience.  You need to go to the specialty gay blogs.  Though that community on tumblr is significantly smaller than the ones for girls.  Sorry fellas.

The rest of your blog you set up with all your camming info, if you add new content you blog about it and give a teaser, if you go online blog a photo of yourself with a message and link to your room.  Simple as that.

Try to keep a steady reblogging going to continually gain followers for exposure.  I typically use the queue function so I don't have to babysit my blog.

Youtube can actually be pretty good believe it or not.  You can't put any porn on there, but that doesn't mean you can't do a seductive strip show in some lingerie and upload a video with some links to your cam profile.  Make a how to "dating guide", videos of you working out in something sexy, doing some yoga, just get creative and do it.  The great thing about youtube as well is you can toss some ads up with your videos and make a few extra bucks through that

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Flirt4Free - New camgirls Guide

Disclaimer: This guide is in no way directly affiliated with this company.  The guide contains my individual opinions based on my experiences working as a model on their network.  The purpose of this guide is to share my experiences and help new models interested in performing on their network get started and use all features available to them to their full benefit to make the most out of their experience and enjoy their time there.

Video Secrets

unofficial guide to getting started as a camgirl/camboy with the Video Secrets Network (Aka Flirt4Free) 


Commission: Base 27% but increases depending on activity.  Flirt4Free has some of the highest per minute rates for models I've seen, as well as attracts often a higher class of clientele.  Having clients spend a few hundred dollars on a single show is not uncommon at all from my experience.

-Contests: Lots of constant contests.  Top Daily/Weekly/Monthly, top new model.  Occasional theme contests, and yearly.  Great ways for you to earn more by working hard.
-Phone Service: Allows your fans to call you directly.  It connects to your existing number, so easy set up.  And is completely secure so your phone number is not given out.  You set the rates and you activate and deactivate it through the site.  So you can easily choose when you don't want to be contacted.
-Deals:  They let you actually set deals with a lot of flexibility on how they're set up.  I.E you can offer a deal if a user takes you private for 20 minutes, they get an extra 5 minutes free.  Good option to reward loyal fans.
-Amazing customer connection services:  You can post notes to customer's profiles for your eyes only.  Letting you easily keep track of simple details about them, like fetishes or how they enjoy being talked to or addressed as.  And an offline messaging system you can communicate with customers with.
-Ranking is based on activity not viewer count.  Activity is based on a number of factors, letting you gain an edge or even the playing field with more experienced and high earning models.
-Fanclubs to promote to customers to earn extra income with. 
-Resell Private shows: Every Private show you do is recorded.  You can manage these recordings and resell them, setting the rate for users to watch them.
-Upload samples of shows to their personal video site:  This was rather cool, you can upload samples of your videos to their video site.  The videos link back for them to purchase the entire thing from your profile, as well as act as an affiliate link.  So if they sign up and buy credits you get a bonus from that.
-Interactive sex toys:  Yes you read that right.  It's an upfront investment on the models part (they don't supply them for free), but you can get them through them and offer the service to customers where they can control your sex toy/machine on their end.
-Cam2Cam:  They let customers broadcast their cam to you in private.  Opening up a more personal experience and letting you more intimately tease them,
-Record a commercial:  Yes, they let you record a commercial you can use to advertise yourself in your public profile.  Pretty neat way to advertise yourself I thought.

Models Accepted:
Men: Yes
Women: Yes 
Transgender: Yes
Couples: Yes

Offers Geoblocking: Yes

If you're interested in broadcasting with the Video Secrets Network.  Follow this link for their sign up page.
Again make sure you sign up as an individual model and not a studio to avoid any complications.

A studio is an organization that hires other models and takes a portion of their commission, usually in exchange for promoting or offering other services to the models.
If that's something that sounds interesting to you, you can always open one with the network later anyway.


Video Secrets is a great network to belong too, even as a newbie in the business.  They've been around for close to 20 years.  So they have a reputation and that's 20 years of building up exposure for an amazing customer base.

Not only that, they offer loads of support for their models and a quick and easy sign up process.  If you ever have any questions they are also friendly and happy to help.  I actually had some issues with my audio on my end when I first started and they were great with helping me on that.  Talked me through it in live chat and fixed the settings on my end.  They're a great help.

Video Secrets network is probably one of the better networks for men to work on as well that I've seen.

The company has a great interface for getting started and offering advice to new members on best ways to do things with them.  So I will just use this guide as a way to explain some things that I personally overlooked when I started on their network.   That way you don't make the same mistakes I did.

So after you sign up and get everything through and are awaiting approval, you should start making sample photo's to upload.  That is to say if you haven't already.   One of these sample photo's will be used as your cover image on the network where customers browse through the cams.  So make it really enticing to get them to click on you.

They have a few restrictions on what models are allowed to show for free in the samples.  This keeps the site a bit more high class and prevents models from doing a race to the bottom, giving away everything for cheap or free and attracting customers who come to expect free and cheap services.  Nope, here they get nothing for free, so customers on this network join knowing they have to pay to see the goods.  Which is great for the models.

So again I will quickly run over a few things to do right away.  First get some photo's up.  Some teasy sexy sample photo's that customers can view for free, and then get some more hardcore photo's up in their appropriate section.  Follow the sites guidelines for writing your bio, if you get stuck, browse a few other models pages for some ideas.

 Read over their rules and regulations carefully.  If something is unclear or you're unsure if you are able to do something in free or private chat even.  Email your rep, they will be more than helpful in answering your questions and clarifying whatever your question is.

Videos can not be uploaded, the only videos they accept are ones they record from your private shows.  Once you have your first private, head on over to their video configuration section and set it up.   Title it, give it a description and what rate to charge for users to view it. And if it's long enough, set up and upload a sample to their tube site right away.

Blog, blog, blog.  Your "PowerScore" as they call it, is your activity level which determines your rankings in their networked sites.  The higher your "powerscore" the more traffic they will send your way.  Each day you can earn a fair number of points from simply writing a short blog entry.  Write one everyday for the required word amount.  Doing that everyday will put and keep you in the high percentile of performers.  Which will mean more traffic

Your first 2 weeks are the most crucial, so don't put this stuff off.  They give you extra exposure, so if you combine that with blogging, and if you get 5 videos uploaded to their tube site quickly.  You will have an amazing first month! Trust me.  Not long you will be able to stop doing the blogs if you want, because your earnings will keep your score high.

The "powerscore" only counts for activity in the past 7 days.  Except for video boosts from their tube site.  That boost is permanent.
So a blog entry that is 8 days old will not count towards your activity level, but a blog entry that is 6 days old will.  So you will need to keep this up every week till you get a stead stream of customers.
It's only like 200 words per a blog entry to get the points.  So it's really not hard to keep up with.  To give you an idea, this paragraph you just read was about 90 words.  So you can see, 200 words is not that much.

Their broadcasting software is pretty cool.  If you're ever having slow days, or just having trouble getting a customer to go private.  Like you're getting someone who just wants to casually talk and not buy anything.  You can do a fake private to stop it.  Rather than being rude and telling them outright to go away or ignoring them.

The chat room is also unique in the sense that customers do not see the guest list for your room.  The only people they can see are those typing in open chat.  So you never have to worry about a low guest count looking bad.  Since no one can see your guest count but you.  A lot of your chatting will be done through PM's typically

2 things to be wary of that I made the mistake of missing when I started.  First I didn't ask customers if my sound/video was looking good.  I ended up working my first week with a slight audio issue, that a customer finally brought to my attention later.  First day, when you get a chatty customer ask them if everything is looking and sounding good and smooth.  If it's not, ask what's wrong and then contact your rep right away to get it fixed.
But even with that audio issue, I was still getting customers spending $200 on a show.  So like I said, really great high class users here.

2nd thing I screwed up on.  The log in types.  I typically did the combo, letting users pick group or private.  What I didn't realize was that users were picking the group option often instead of the private. So they'd take me private under group pricing, instead of actual private pricing.  To remedy this, always pick a single option log in type. If you are working a room and got a group willing to go for the group option, it's extremely easy to quickly switch log in types to allow them to do group.  I was unfortunately shorted a fair amount of credits due to my own carelessness before I noticed that.

Though, if you're unsure what to price your rate at initially.  The combo option can be good for that.  Giving users the freedom to buy time at the cheaper group rate, but at the risk someone might join the fun as well, or at the more expensive private rate and make sure they have you all to themselves.

Play around for whatever works best for you.

My main quarrel with their chat system though is they don't let you approve requests.  You can be in the middle of seducing a VIP client, and some random guy you didn't chat with once can take you private and interrupt all that hard work.   It's only happened to me a couple times, so it doesn't happen often.  It just can be frustrating when it does happen though.

Though something I did enjoy about their chat, that's kind of a hit or miss with models.  Is that they will kick models offline(temporarily) who haven't made any money after a certain amount of time.  (This only counts if you have an extremely low "powerscore" level.  Moderate "powerscore" users, this doesn't effect them)  So low earning and low activity models are kicked off temporarily (Something like an 8 hour break I believe)  I personally enjoyed this because it meant less low quality models (models that sit around and do nothing expecting money, types) clogging up the network and distracting potentially paying customers.  really helps attribute to the high quality aspects of the network I personally felt.
But like I said, this can be easily avoided.  I think it takes something like 4 blog entries to be at a level high enough that you wont be booted if you happen to have a bad start for the day.
If you're not at a high enough level though and you are approaching that time limit without any income. Just log off before it hits, take a break for an hour or 2 and try again. This will avoid you getting that boot.

Something else that's pretty handy is their room receptionist feature.  This is enabled where you manage your account.  Most models and customers seem to agree to not use it to send them automated greetings.  They find it impersonal, and they don't like how it calls them out in public chat.  Instead just use the option for it to privately notify you when VIP and customers with a history of spending come into your room.  So you can focus your attention on them.

If you had a particularly good show with a customer, make note of them and send them a sexy message or virtual gift a few days later to remind them about you and the fun you 2 had. Video Secrets give you a lot of tools to market yourself with.  Make sure you are using all of them to your benefit.  When you first sign up, the "credit levels" to get access to more marketing features for you to use, the levels might seem daunting, but you'll blow through them in no time.

Make sure you set yourself a consistent schedule for going online and stick with it.  You have the potential to get a lot of repeat high paying customers on this network.  If they like you and you're consistent with your performing schedule they will keep coming back.  If you're not, they will jump around other model rooms and that's income lost for you.

After you've been modeling for about a month you will want to take advantage of the "Feature Show".  It's an hour long show in a prime time slot.  This is a great way to market yourself to High Paying customers.  Read up about it and ask questions to start to prepare one.  It will boost your exposure a lot.

That's really all the advice I have for them.  They are pretty great about helping models maximize their potential income and explaining everything they have to offer and how you can use them, it's all really upfront.  So there is 0 need for me to write an expansive piece about it here.  Once you sign up above and get approved you will see all the tools available to you and explained clearly by them.  And if you ever have any questions, their FAQ section covers everything, not to mention the reps are nice and helpful for any questions not answered in their FAQ.

Video Secrets is a great network in my experience.  If you decided to use the link above to sign up with them.  Good luck and I hope they work out great for you!

Pt 4: Maximizing your income potential - New models guide to Chaturbate.

Disclaimer: This guide is in no way directly affiliated with  The guide contains my individual opinions based on my experiences working as a model on their network.  The purpose of this guide is to share my experiences and help new models interested in performing on cam get started and use all features available to them to their full benefit to make the most out of their experience and enjoy their time there.



Guide to Getting Started with Chaturbate

So you're signed up and approved and ready to start making money, great!

Well first if you haven't yet, make sure you read Chaturbates performer guidelines.  You can find them in their Terms & Conditions section.  Which is linked at the bottom of their page.  Go over that and if you are ever unsure if you're allowed to do something, even if you saw another model do it.  Just email their support staff and ask directly.  It's always best to play it safe, rather than risk your account getting banned.

Q: "Soooo, how do I attract and keep people in my room?"

1.)  Probably one of the most important things to making any income at all.  If you're a girl this task is far easier.  If you're a guy, sorry but it's going to take some more work.  There's just loads more horny straight men, than there are horny gay men.
As a cam model, you are there to entertain.  If you're classically attractive this task is going to be easy, if not don't fret.  A large part of keeping viewers is your personality you portray.  A friend I wrote an app for made a couple hundred dollars her first day without taking off any clothes.  She was just fun to sit and chat with and obviously it didn't hurt that she was classically cute.  Chaturbate is heavily centered around having fun.  Make your room more enjoyable for users to sit in.  You can do this by just being an engaging individual or by fun teasing games.  This is typically where the Tip Menu comes in handy.  While engaging with your audience you usually have a tip goal.  In example Cum Show at goal! To reach that goal and encourage users to tips towards it, you have a publicized tip menu.  Like at X amount of tokens, or tip X amount you'll take off a piece of clothing, or flash a part of your body.  Boobs, pussy, dick, ass, or feet even.  I've seen models get tipped to do silly stuff, like sing a song or draw a mustache on themselves.  Users come here for a good time and have fun and if you can keep them smiling and happy while you keep them horny.  You will get better tips and more repeat clients.  Those insanely large tips you see certain models get?  They get those because their clients genuinely enjoy going to their room.  I have a few models bookmarked as a performer myself that I follow just because sitting in their room is fun

It's also highly recommended to use Chaturbate's app system to pick a game application.  A popular one at the time of writing this is Tokenkeno.  A game where you list a bunch of prizes at certain numbers on the board and users have to tip one of the numbers to receive a prize.  Working to clear the whole board for a final goal.  Prizes can range from cheap simple ones like writing their name on your body, to flashes, erotic dancing, and teasing. You can even make orgasm shows for clearing each column on the board or other major achievements.  You don't have to fill every slot with a prize though.

For guys you are going to have to work a bit harder.  A girl can usually easily start a strip show fully clothed and get fast tips to get naked.  Guys should typically start with open button up shirt to tease the goods or start topless to begin with.  Tipping to get a guys shirt off is kind of, eh.  Not too exciting, unless you have a rock hard body.  Then stripping your top becomes far more arousing for your audience.  But if you don't have that body start topless or unbuttoned.  For guys, I'd say don't start completely naked.  You should always start with at least a sexy pair of underwear on, give your users something to strip off you.  Speaking of underwear, avoid dark colors.  You want something that shows off your bulge.  Darker colors can make it less noticeable.  If you're having trouble keeping interest and its been close to an hour than i'd say start getting fully naked.  It's going to take some time to figure things out, don't get discouraged.  A lot of what I found was more directly engaging and working up individuals in the room.  Then as I got a steady stream of viewers and returning regulars it became easier to to just set up goals and be sexy eye candy.  Getting the room to tip as a group instead of trying to seduce specific individuals.

But regardless if boy or girl, there are going to be times when the room is slow and tips aren't coming in at a steady pace.  Don't let it frustrate you.  I've had bad weeks before, it happens to every model.  Don't let it bother you though.  Viewers surprisingly can pick up when you're feeling off and it can hinder the mood.

But probably the most important thing is to never compare how you're doing with the other models.  You're just starting out, most of these models have been doing this for year+ and have anywhere from 75,000 to 300,000+ followers. When you have 50 thousand followers, don't worry, your room will fill up pretty easily.

Q: "I have non-grey users in my room who aren't talking, should I approach them myself?"
This is a tough call, if they are new to your room it's a no.  If they are repeat viewers and you've engaged with them before, it's honestly up to you.  The reason I say don't approach the new ones is they might just be there checking things out, they might like to sit quietly in the back, relax and watch.  Singling them out in anyway is just putting them on the spot and might scare them off.  It's best to wait for them to speak to you first.  What you need to do is be sexy and fun and entice them into joining the fun and spending money on you.  As you get more popular, you wont have time to keep track of all the users not talking anyway.

Getting users engaged is also where it helps to have talkative moderators.  Users are more likely to join an already ongoing conversation than start one up themselves.  Being new you can typically find other models to moderate for you in some of the model communities.  After some time you will probably be able to get some more loyal eager fans to take up the position. Be wary who you give the position to though, moderators have ability to kick users from your room obviously.  So don't hand out the position lightly.

To give out moderator positions you simply right click on their username and select to give them the position.  At the top of the chat window you will see "Chat" , "Users", and then next to that a gear icon for settings.  That gear icon is where you set how long people are moderators for.  Whether for 24 hours, or up to 6months.  This is also where you can view and modify in mass your moderators and other user types.  And not to mention all other misc chat settings.

**********For more suggestions see the general guide on being an enticing cam model**********

2.)After you've done a show or 2 you will have accumulated a few followers. It's important to know that when you log on they are not automatically notified.  So each time you log on you want to make sure your followers know.  This is how you get your room to start filling up fast.
Where do you do this?  In Chaturbates Broadcast yourself section, where you go to log on and show your cam, directly above your cam window you will see a  message that says

"You have X followers. Send them an email notification that you are online."

You click that and they will all be immediately notified that you are online, with many of them coming to your room immediately, boosting your numbers and ranking quickly.  This is how those popular models get hundreds of viewers in a matter of minutes of logging on.  Notifying their several hundred followers they've accumulated over their time performing.

I believe this can only be done once a day. So if you plan on broadcasting more than once in a day, it's best you save the notification for your main time.

3.) Upload Pics and Video's.  Pricing is always up to the model, but if you're not uploading anything special here for sale, you are missing out on extra income.  You don't have to limit this to Pics and Vids either.  Use this section to advertise other offers.  Such as selling panties or other misc sexy items.  You can sell your monthly subscription to snap chat.  Saw once someone selling the option to dress them up for their day out. User would buy it, pick out their clothes and get sexy snaps throughout the the day.  Think outside the box and try to be unique.
Anything sold has to be sold through the virtual currency system(tokens) though.  Advertising alternative ways to send you cash directly will lead to them banning your account.

Models have also used their profile in general to advertise other things as well.  Some sell the right to PM them, others will use their profile to hold contests for their tippers with certain prizes; like scheduled password private or get access to all their vids.  Though Chaturbate doesn't allow you to give out vids to specific users for free, what many models do is buy their own hosting for videos and that section of their profile will just hold a screen shot of the vid.  Which after purchase the model will send them access to the vid they purchased or won.  This serves the added benefit of having more control over your own content as a model.

4.) Fan-club.  If you have any content at all uploaded you should have fan clubs turned on.  What extra access you give is up to you obviously.  I recommend adding in snapchat for fanclub members in addition to pics or videos.  It's also a plus to give them exclusive content.  Say private access  to a blog (rotate the password monthly as a way to maintain access) with exclusive pictures, videos or anything else you can think of.  Other things to consider might be offering special private group shows for fan club members.  The exclusive content is a good way of making them feel extra special as they have access to content other users can't outright buy.  People are always naturally curious too, so having exclusive content preys on that curiosity to get them to buy an initial membership to check out what they're missing.

Fan-clubs are a good form of regular monthly income if you work it properly and make it worth it for your fans.

For pricing you should base it on how much content you add monthly. Even if you already have 50 videos and you price it at $30/month, but then don't add anything more in the next 2 months.  Fanclub members are going to start feeling like it's not worth it over simply buying specific content they want straight out.  Odds are they aren't going to watch every video you have if you have that many anyway.  No sense pricing it that way.  If major porn sites did that, monthly memberships would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
So price it mainly based on what you add month to month, with a bit of consideration to all the benefits they are receiving.  Members will be more inclined to keep the membership if they feel like it would be worth it the following month.

5.) Referral links!  The power of referral links is often forgotten.  I talked about them briefly in the setting up your about me page and they are also all over this blog.  For models there are 3 types of referral links you should be using.

You find these links under Linking Codes and scroll down to the program labeled "Program: Revshare - 20% of money spent + (rest of deal)"

Click to enlarge

 So to get to those link codes, you click on your profile and then you should see the tabs like in the image above.  Click on the one that says "Share & Earn"  And you will be brought to that page, except you'll see about 4 affiliate links for you to use.  Ignore those ones.  Those are more for users looking to get extra tokens to spend on models.  As you can see at the top of them it will say use those to earn more tokens.
So instead look below those to the "See details about tokens earned in the affiliate program stats" and click that link provided and you'll be presented with this new tab menu

 You can see at the tab labeled 3 is the one for Linking Codes  Click that to get to the full list of affiliate codes they supply their models to use to promote themselves and the site.

The rest of the tabs, and I encourage you to explore them on your own as well is:

1) Is a general overview and explanation of their affiliate program.
2) Is your payment info for receiving income earned.
4) promo tools is pretty neat section if you have a blog or website  This is where you can get banners to use with your link codes to promote the site.  As well as something a bit nifty for models, it's where you can get info on Custom Banners created by request from Chaturbate.  This only for active models though.  But you can click here and find the "Broadcaster Banners" link and click that for more information about it.
5) Something about tracking your advertising campaigns.  I've never fully delved into this sorry.  Would love if anyone has any experience to let me know though.
6) This is statistics about the revenue and traffic your affiliate links are bringing in.
7) Is an email link to email the affiliate support directly with any questions you may have.  I always found their support extremely helpful and nice.  So don't ever be afraid to ask a question.

If for some reason you're still having trouble finding this section.  You can click this link right here to be taken there.

That will take you to the Program details section.  So then just from there click linking codes and you're there.  Also what I used to link is one of my affiliate links.  Particularly the one that's used to promote the sites affiliate program.

Alright anyway. So you clicked the tab and you are presented with 3 sections.  It might be difficult to choose a section if you don't fully understand what the programs do.  So I will break it down to help make it clear.

The first section is "Program: $1.00 Pay Per registration + $50.00 Per Broadcaster + 5% Referred Affiliate Income"
Now the first part, the dollar per a registration isn't completely straight forward.  They have 3 tiers of customers for this based on countries they are based in.  Tier 1 customers you can earn $1, Tier 2 you earn $0.1 and Tier 3 you earn $0.01.

You might be wondering which countries represent which tiers.  Well you can find that in their Terms & Condition.  I believe its Section 30 Part G.  I do highly suggest reading through their Terms and conditions.  It's a smart thing to do with any site you join.

The second part of $50 per a Broadcaster is pretty straight forward.  Except it's not for just getting someone to broadcast, you only earn that if you sign someone up and they broadcast and earn a certain amount.

The third part again might be a bit confusing even if you read the description.  The "5% Referred affiliate income"  Is basically you getting 5% of the income generated by the affiliate income of another user you signed up.  Which again that still might be confusing so I'll try to make an example later on in this section.

The next section is "Program: 10 Tokens per registration + 500 per a broadcaster"

Very straight forward.  I tend not to use these link codes as it's more for users who want to earn tokens to spend at the site I feel.  I'm also honestly not sure the stipulations in regards to this promotion.

The 3rd section is "Program: Revshare - 20% Money spent + $50.00 Per Broadcaster + 5% Referred Affiliate Income"

Revshare is essentially, say someone joins up through your link using a link from this 3rd section.  They sign up and buy $100 worth of tokens.  So the site will pay you 20% of that money spent (So 20% of $100 is $20) as a sort of thank you for bringing that paying member to the site.

So lets get an example going to better explain it all in full.

Say on your twitter you used one of the affiliate links promoting your room.  a few users click them and sign up with the site.  2 buy tokens to spend, and 1 signs up as a broadcaster and earns some money.  That broadcaster decides to use their own affiliate links and they sign up 1 member who buys some tokens.

So based on that example, you made $3 dollars from the users you signed up(or 20% of money spent), plus $50 for the broadcaster you signed up.  But then since the broadcaster signed up another member that bought tokens.  You got an additional 5% of whatever their sign up spent, and they got either 1$ or 20% of whatever that sign up spent based on which ever affiliate program they used to sign them up.

I hope that's more clear?

So as you can guess, as a model your best section to use links is from section 3.  The rev-share one.  After all, your job is to entice members to join up and spend money.  Best option would be to get a piece of the money spent.

So I mentioned way back the 3 main codes you should use.  The first 2, Credit Card Inline and Join page go in your about me section like I've discussed before.  After all, you are trying to encourage those anonymous users to sign up, as well as you want to remind existing users who don't have tokens that they can buy more conveniently.  Though I don't believe you earn any income off users who already have accounts that buy more tokens through your affiliate link, but regardless it's good to post it as a affiliate link to buy more tokens, just in case an anonymous user joining up is immediately interested in purchasing tokens.  Always best to make the process simple for clients.

The 3rd link "Your chat room (even if offline) is for your social media profiles.  You sign in to broadcast you should go on your twitter and tweet that you are going live on cam and use that link to send people to your page.  Which even if they click it and you go offline, it will make sure they still at least see your page instead of immediately being redirected to the homepage.  Your social media is primarily for promoting yourself after all.

You should also have a look at all the linking codes, if you run any blogs or anything like that.  The others will come in handy as means for you to potentially make even more income just by promoting the site in general.

That's it for maximizing your potential income with Chaturbate, if I discover more I will be sure to add them here.  If you have any experience you would like to share please comment below and let me know.

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Chaturbate Guide

Pt 3: Settings & Privacy - New models guide to Chaturbate.

Disclaimer: This guide is in no way directly affiliated with  The guide contains my individual opinions based on my experiences working as a model on their network.  The purpose of this guide is to share my experiences and help new models interested in performing on cam get started and use all features available to them to their full benefit to make the most out of their experience and enjoy their time there.



Guide to Getting Started with Chaturbate

Click for larger image

Here you find your Settings & Privacy section in your profile tab.  I listed each item by number and will go over each below.

  1. List my cam on the homepage:  This is asking you if you want your cam listed on the home page of the site.  The page that lists all the online cams.  Best to keep this set to Yes for maximum exposure.
  2. Show my cam to these genders:  I believe this is more for the exhibitionist, those that come to play around for free.  To let them choose who gets to watch them.  To maximize your exposure, best to show cam to all options.  No sense restricting a potential paying audience.
  3. Some models sell password shows, or award private shows to customers.  Using this allows you to give a private show to any number of customers without forcing them to pay additionally the Token Per a Minute rate.
  4. This is your geoblocking section.  Here you can choose any country and/or states to block from viewing your cam.  So lets say you live in Alaska, and you want to make sure no one from Alaska comes across your cam profile and recognizes you.  This is where you would block them to prevent them from accidentally stumbling onto your profile.  A lot of models wonder why one would block an entire country.   Some countries certain shady activities are prevalent, like recording shows from sites like these and re-uploading them. To find out if there are any problems like that best to ask in cam communities for known up to date common problem areas that might be smart to block.  There exist other methods to further secure yourself from this type of activity which I will discuss in the section about keeping secure.
  5. Do not appear on network sites.  Best to keep this as No.  You want to appear on Networked sites to maximize your potential exposure.
  6. Do not show my satisfaction score.   This is up to the model really.  Viewers are free to vote on models if they like them or not, which the score reflects.  if you want to show off a good score it can't hurt anything.
  7. Fan club settings:  This is where you set the rate for members to join your fan club.  Will be further covered in maximizing your potential income.
  8. Group show settings:  Here you can set up requirements for users to engage in group shows.  Do you want to allow them at all?  The minimum users required for a group show to start.  And the token per a minute cost for each user individually in the show.
  9. Private show settings:  Here you can set up requirements for users to engage in a 1 on 1 private show.  Do you want to allow them at all?  Do you want to allow them to record the show?  By record they mean that Chaturbate saves a copy for the client to view whenever.  If you read the disclaimer below you will notice they say "non-downloadable" so rest assured this is not giving the client permission to save the show to their personal computer, but remains with Chaturbate.  Below that you see where you set the rate for private shows.  And below that you can set if you want to allow users to spy on private shows and at what rate.  Users spying on a show are not permitted to interact.  They just quietly watch.  And finally you have the option to set a minimum balance users must have to request a private session with you.
 When choosing to set up group and private shows.  Make sure you set up the prices to make it worth it to you.  Don't sell yourself short in general, and don't set it so low that you end up losing money doing groups and privates instead of working public chat.  Typically I set group shows to earn me slightly more than privates since each user is paying significantly less than if they were going to do a 1 on 1 private.
For private shows.  I typically like to allow spying.  Since normally a lot of stuff goes on in free chat I keep the cost pretty low since they can get it for free from any model that achieved their tip goal.
Cost per a minute for privates and group is always set at a rate that makes me more than in public.  The current one in the screen shot is a bit low.  30 is about $1.5/hr.  The average Cam site outside of Chaturbate the average rate for regular private shows range from $4-$10.  Now Chaturbate pricing can be difficult.  For me personally, usually all my tips in public chat come at once from a few clients.  I typically don't get a rain of small tips from various users.  So I price my private shows a bit a bit above that average.  Being new to chaturbate, don't set your rate too low.  You might end up getting a lot of private shows early on, but it's going to cost you exposure, which chaturbate is heavily about.  Always, always make sure your rates and pricing are worth it to you.

So that's the setting section, click update settings to save your changes and you're done with that.

The Apps and Bots Tab can be a little confusing.
Apps, control both your entire chatroom, from the chat to keeping track of your tips.  All games performers use in their chatroom can be find in the apps.
The bots can only control the chat.  You get 3 chat bots to use to relay messages to your viewers.
To use either the apps or bots, you must start up your broadcast and then scroll down in that window and click on apps or the bot you want to add.  A new window will pop up for you to browse and you are free to go in and choose any bot or app.  Clicking on one will bring up another window, giving you a description on how to use it, as well as let you navigate within it to apply all your preferred settings.  After that you click launch and it will automatically load into your chatroom.  If you find one you particularly like, you are free to fav it in the window you used to modify it.

The rest of the tabs are pretty simple and straight forward.

You have;
Contest stats, which keeps tracks of performers for Chaturbate's hourly contest.
Token Stats which allows you keep track of all your  earnings and as well and most importantly, has the convert to cash button.  Which is what you must click to have your earnings sent to you.
Share and Earn, contains affiliate information which is covered in maximizing your income.  Clicking the tab and at the bottom of the new window you will see "See details about tokens earned in the affiliate program stats." click that link for all the full affiliate information at your disposal.
Memberships is for something for customers.

That's everything about setting up your profile.  If you've gotten this far you're ready to start camming.  Even if you haven't fully set up everything.  I assume you read all that while still waiting on approval.  So if you haven't received approval yet, don't wait for it.  Start going on cam.  It's a good way to prime your viewer count while you wait on approval.  You don't need to do a full performance.  Dress in something enticing while chatting and do some teasing and keep a mention somewhere for users to follow you so they can find you once you're approved and be able to get a full show.  If you're nervous about what to do for your first real show, use this time to ask.  Your viewers will probably be loaded with ideas to help you out.  Not only that, not being able to accept tokens can take a lot of pressure off you as your interactions are based purely in being social and having fun with no monetary obligations.  Use this time to get comfortable with performing.

Continue on to part 4: Maximizing your income potential.

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Chaturbate Guide

Pt 2: Setting up your profile - New models guide to Chaturbate

Disclaimer: This guide is in no way directly affiliated with  The guide contains my individual opinions based on my experiences working as a model on their network.  The purpose of this guide is to share my experiences and help new models interested in performing on cam get started and use all features available to them to their full benefit to make the most out of their experience and enjoy their time there.



Guide to Getting Started with Chaturbate

Now you're about me section can be kind of tough to figure out.  You'll notice a lot of models have these nice fancy about me pages.  Don't worry too much about that.  Most of the models have those professionally made, by paying or having a dedicated fan volunteer to make it and some just have so much experience making them themselves over the years that they did it on their own.  If you don't have the experience or artistic ability, making a simple text based one is more than fine.  But still you're probably wondering what you put in it.  Prices?  Just misc info about yourself?

Below you will find a sample fancy profile for an old personal account of mine.  (names and images censored for obvious reasons)  I'll go over the bits of it.

Click for larger version

So this is a typical profile, it's not that great and has some problems.  But lets go over it

These are in no way required to be successful, but if you're lost as to what to put in "about me" use this to get some ideas.  most important thing is it should just be an extension of yourself as a model.  Don't treat it like a dating profile.
Most profiles have a short list of rules they wish people to abide by.
Along with that they'll have catchy tipper themes.  If someone tips a certain amount or such they get put on the board.  It's a very basic way to encourage tipping and makes you look more desirable.
Typically models reset the tippers in the themes monthly. 
A Top Tipper theme is a good way to encourage tipping amongst more competitive fans
Some tippers just like seeing their name on your board, so a simple tip theme is also great to appeal to those fans to tip an extra or at a certain amount.  This is something you will figure out as you go along.  Don't try to force it, keep it natural and fitting to your model persona.

Below the tips you find my about me writings.  personally when I cam i develop a character to portray.  Typically that character is a college student as even though I'm close to mid 20's I still look 19/20.  So I play that up.
Typically my character is a shy but kinky and curious college boy having some fun.  As a lot of my viewers are men, it lets them play on the fantasy of seducing a straight/bi-curious college boy from a variety of different role playing angles.  It's not something you have to push, just allude to.  My profile is about the extent I push it.  If someone in chat started chatting about it I would go with it, if it continued to teasing I'd play up the role play more and try to get them in private on that route.

You don't have to portray your true self.  Porn is all about fulfilling peoples fantasy's and desires.  So setting up a character to perform as is a great way to get that extra boost.  Rather than just being another generic model.  Think of yourself as a performance artists.  A sexy performance artist.
I knew a girl that pretended to work as a teacher as her day job, and cammed at night.  She'd get requests from clients requesting to do a show the moment she was home from work so they could get her in her teaching clothes and role play out a bit of naughty teacher role play.
I've heard some models call that deceptive, but again porn is all about fantasy and fulfilling that fantasy.  Helping clients get more into it mentally is what successful performers do.
If you don't want to develop a character and just be yourself that works just as well.  Most of the models you encounter on these sites are just their natural fun selves.

Below that section you'll see my grey etiquette.  A fair number of performers don't like dealing with basic users(aka greys) who have never spent money on the site.  Personally I find grey users useful in a number of ways.  First on slow days they can make good conversation.  Helps to keep you attentive and entertained and show activity in the room when other users come in for a peek.  Secondly if you don't treat them like crap just because they're grey, they may down the line decide to be a paying user.  Read in one of the cam communities of a girl talking about a talkative grey user in her room who had been their close to a year.  One day out of the blue, he sends her a few hundred dollars.  And there's other stories of greys helping performers out in other ways.  Some can become useful moderators for your chat, freeing up your attention to focus on performing rather than fiddling with the chat controls to silence obnoxious chatters, and sometimes although they might not spend money on the site, they might send you gift cards or buy you stuff off your wishlist.

So although paying users should obviously receive more attention, you shouldn't completely push aside grey users.

Below that you will find 2 boxes for users to click.  I will go into those further in the section about maximizing your earnings.  But they are essentially referral links.  One is for users who might of been enticed to join and buy some tokens and thus earning me some extra income through the referral from the site by turning them into a paying customer. (Or just making it convenient for existing members to add tokens to their account)
The other box is for anonymous members, trying to get them to sign up through my referral link.
In my early profiles I put these towards the bottom, but honestly I think they would of been better at the top.  My reasoning for that is users typically come to the site for porn (obviously), but if you put them at the top, when users scroll down to browse your available photo's.  Anonymous and grey users might just browse down quick to see if you have any up for free.  So putting those links at the top would make them noticed more often by those user types.  Something to consider at least.

Below that you'll find my links to various wishlists and social media profiles.
Wishlists are pretty straight forward.  The best items to have on their are ones that you can use to perform.  For example, putting up lingerie or a toy a user can buy for you and get a show for it later. Personal items can be included as well and should as occasionally you might have an adoring fan that may want to buy you something.

Social media is covered else where in the social media section.

Continue on to part 3 of Chaturbate guide: Settings & Privacy

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Chaturbate Guide

Getting Started: Camgirls guide to Chaturbate

Disclaimer: This guide is in no way directly affiliated with  The guide contains my individual opinions based on my experiences working as a model on their network.  The purpose of this guide is to share my experiences and help new models interested in performing on cam get started and use all features available to them to their full benefit to make the most out of their experience and enjoy their time there.


Guide to Getting Started with Chaturbate

Commission: 50% -Tokens are worth 10cents each.  So models earn 5cents per a token.

Features:  Fan Clubs, Email Notifications, voyeurs, group shows, private shows, public shows.  Advertising allowed to sell additional services(I.E underwear) as long as its sold through tokens. 3rd party written chat apps at the disposal of all models for free.
-Group/Private and voyeurs of said private shows are based on a Token Per a minute Charge based on anywhere between 6 to 150 tokens a minute for private. Group from 6 to 30, but you may choose minimum amount of users allowed for a group show.

Model contests: Top cam for every hour earns $10, $5 for runner up.  No limit on how many times you can win.  Essentially you can get a $10/hr boost for the time you're on if you can stay near the top the entire time.

Female Models: Yes
Male Models: Yes
Couple Models: Yes
Trans Models: Yes

Geoblocking: Yes

Payment frequency:  Payments are sent out twice a month upon performers request and having met the minimum for payout.

Chaturbate is great for helping 1st time performers understand the cam scene.  There are very few restrictions for how a performer can perform in open chat, leaving a very relaxed environment for the performer to get a feel for things without needing to jump head first into 1 on 1 private shows.  As well as the sign up process is probably the gentlest.  Most Cam sites the sign up process can be a bit long, but as members in chaturbate, both viewers and models share the same account types essentially.  It's just a matter of sending date of birth verification to get you bumped up to model status and a few other bits of information. 

The ranking system for performers appears to be based on viewers in their room which can sometimes be frustrating, but don't fret about your viewer count much.  The most important thing is what type of viewers you have in your room.  Users are conveniently color coded for the performers convenience.
They are:
Orange users for other broadcasters
Red users for moderators
Light Blue users who own or have purchased tokens.  Meaning they could have just 1 token or none, but they have a history of at least having tokens on their account
Dark Blue users have tipped at least 50 tokens within 24 hours.  So anywhere from 50-249 tokens
Light Purple users have tipped at least 250 tokens within the past 24 hours.  So anywhere from 250-999 tokens
Dark Purple users have tipped at least 1,000 tokens in the past 24 hours. So anywhere from 1,000+
Green users are members of your fan club.
Grey users have no tokens
And guests(non-registered) are merely listed as anonymous

Chaturbate makes this easy.  They have a guide for all user name colors at the right of the screen when you are broadcasting for quick reference, as well as the names are colored in chat and at the top of the chat window you can click on 'users' and see a listing of all users in your chat with associated colors.

So you used the link at the top of this post to sign up with Chaturbate, now what?

Well first things first, you'll need to change your profile and sign up as a broadcaster.  To do that click on the "BROADCAST YOURSELF" section in the header above the chatrooms while you are logged in.  

This should be able to be seen no matter what page you are on in Chaturbate.  Just look towards the top header.

So you applied to be a broadcaster and sent in your proof of age, great job! ... But now what?  You got to wait for approval before you can start earning money unfortunately, it doesn't take too long though.  But don't make the mistake of just sitting around waiting for approval.  Chaturbate is a party style community and just because you aren't a for profit performer yet doesn't mean you can't start to take advantage of the site for your own benefit to give yourself a stronger start after they approve you.

A good start while you are waiting for approval would be to start figuring out the scene.  Go quietly browse some of the rooms on the front page.  Try to find users who just logged on.  You can usually tell this in the bottom of the preview window it will give a number next to a webcam icon.  That number is the online time of the user.  Watch them for their whole show, get a feel for how the community works and how you can use the 3rd party apps to help yourself.  When you're in their room though make sure you are respectful.  It's best to just quietly observe.  If you really want to try and interact or ask them something, best to try through their advertised social media accounts.  Avoid doing it while they're performing.  This is a profession for many performers, so best not to distract them with personal questions while they're trying to work.

While you're watching shows waiting for approval, start setting up your profile. Get some sexy and erotic pictures to upload as free teasers, some more hardcore photos for sale (once you're approved)
And set up your "About Me" Section.

Continued in Part 2.  Setting up your Chaturbate profile.

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Chaturbate Guide

Friday, January 23, 2015

Camgirl guide, Getting Started


So you want to learn how to be a camgirl?

A guide to starting a web model career.

Well you've come to a good place to get started.  I'll be running through a how to get started guide for both male and female cam models alike.  So sit back, relax and let us get down and dirty ;).

So, if you've come here, I am going to assume you have an interest in working as a web model.  Web model being the fancy term for CamGirl or Camboy.  So the question on your mind right now is probably "How do I get started?"
Probably the most daunting part of caming is the beginning when you're completely lost. But that's ok, that is what this blog is for!

  • Q: "Where and how do I get started?" 
 The first questions of every aspiring cam model.  So first things first, if you have decided this is something you want to do, you will need to decide if you want to go completely independent and do private skype shows or if you want to work for one of the many sites out there.
In my honest opinion I would go with the sites for just starting off.  You're still an independent model in the sense you dictate your shows and hours and more or less everything really.  Even prices to a degree.  All with the added bonus of them doing the majority of the leg work for already building an audience that they give you easy access to promote to.   As well as handling the payments from clients.
So this area I'm going to go over working with the sites.  I'll cover working complete independent in another section.

So back to deciding which site to start off with.  If you google cam-site no doubt you'll get hundreds of links which can be overwhelming to choose from.  So to make things easier I've compiled a small list of the more well known ones that I have experience with.

Now each site has something called a commission rate.  The commission rate is essentially your cut of the profits.  The site obviously gets a chunk for their overhead costs and marketing efforts to get customers to the website.  But anyway lets go on to the sites.

At the moment there are a few sites that are popular amongst the communities.  I'll go over them briefly below.  Obviously the ones I have experience with I'll be able to more detailed with.  I do plan on trying out the other highly rated Chat Sites so I can give a better and more detailed review on how to make the most of them.  So wait for those in the future.

Chaturbate focuses a lot on being a community which has become a sort of unique party environment.  Meaning models typically do group shows dictated by the model themselves, rather than the typical 1on1 private shows.  Though they do allow the models to perform private shows.
Who is it good for?  Men/Women/couples, more or less everyone really.  It has a community and exhibitionist environment going for it, so it tends to attract all types of viewers looking for all types of models.
Commission: 50%
Bonuses: Hourly contests for the models to earn extra income. Allows models to sell Pics/Videos on site.

Offers Geoblocking: Yes

Flirt4Free is centered around private shows mainly.  They have a massive network of sites that they promote their models on which means lots of potential customers.   They can kind of be hit or miss in the cam model communities due to their strict policies on what you're allowed to do in free chat.  What I mean by that is when you're in public chat they don't allow you to perform sex acts.  This forces customers to actually pay for a show and prevents other models from giving it all away for free.
Commission: Starts at 27% but increases over time.  As well though the main clients the site attracts are typically high spenders with a higher dollar per a minute charge.  So that starting 27% earns more than you would think.
Bonuses: Lots of major contests centered around holidays, and minor contests as well.  Chances to win large cash prizes for top models. Interactive sex machines for more experienced models.  Massive amounts of ways to promote yourself and keep track of your clients to optimize your earnings.  Massive network to promote to.  Performer rank is determined by activity not view count.  flirt has their own private video site which models can push sample clips of their videos too, to further promote their room and videos for sale.  Offer phone sex capabilities for models.  They've been around for close to 20 years and are active with adult industry trade shows like the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Offers Geoblocking: Yes

If you sign up with Flirt, during the sign up process make sure you sign up as a performer, not a studio. What's the difference you may ask?  A studio is someone in charge of other performers.  And a Performer is obviously someone that's interested in performing.  I will discuss studios later and why as performers you should careful of them.

For more detailed review of my experience with Flirt4Free and all it has to offer, including how to make the most of it's features. Click here.

A few other sites the models are enjoying but I don't have any experience with yet.  I will try them out soon and get reviews up.

        3. Streamate

Commission ranges from 30-35% as I can tell.

They are focused around privates and listing models by client fetish.

Offers Geoblocking: Yes

        4. MyFreeCams

This is girls only, they do not accept male models.  Sorry fellas.

Commission is 60%

From what I've heard from the girls that work here.  The place can be a real hit or miss for the models.  Some models swear by it, others say the majority of people are just looking to see what they can get out of the model for free.

Offers Geoblocking: Yes

  • Q: "How do I choose, do I go after sites with best commission?"

Nope.  Never go to a site based on their commission rate only.  I'm sure you're wondering why.  I mean it makes no sense to work for a a site that offers 30% of every dollar compared to a site that offers 60%.
But here is the thing, commission isn't everything. I work on both Chaturbate and Flirt4Free.  CB as you read has a commission of 50% and Flirt starts off at 27%.  I make about 1.5x to 3x the amount at Flirt than I do at Chaturbate.
It's all about the type of traffic the site pulls in and how well you're able to take advantage of it.  On Chaturbate I can pull in 300+ viewers on a good day.  Average is about 100+.  On flirt my average is 20-30, a good day is about 50-70.  So you'd think I would make more money on Chaturbate, since more views and a higher commission.  The problem lies in monetizing those viewers.  Sure I get a ton of viewers at Chaturbate, but most of them are in your room hoping for a free show paid by others.  In Flirt the only show viewers get are ones they pay for. 

You can find sites that offer 80%+ commission to draw in models, which sounds amazing, but if their is no traffic to the site, you're not working, so you're not getting paid.  Which means you're getting 80% of nothing.  Not to say you shouldn't look into those sites.  Odds are that commission rate isn't going to stay and if you feel they are genuinely trying to grow larger and it's showing.  It's a great idea to get in on it.

  • Q: "So if not based on commission then what?"

For your first site to work with.  That's the toughest pick.  I would not recommend working for the site you want to work for right off the bat.  Mainly because you want some experience before you go to those sites.  So you can take full advantage of all they have to offer from day one.
My recommendation is to use Chaturbate as your first.  The atmosphere is more relaxed and you are free to experiment more in finding your niche, as well as understanding the dynamics of performing and what to expect.
From there you should pick a site that makes you happy and you are comfortable working for.  If Chaturbate ends up being that site, awesome.  If not, you can use what you learned to start off stronger at another site.

  • Q: "What will I need to sign up?

When you sign up they will ask for various forms of information.  Drivers license, SSN, and/or other forms of I.D to confirm your age and you are who you say you are.
You will need a webcam and mic.  The higher the quality the better.  Almost every site gives better rankings to cam models who have HD cams.

That's more or less it.

Some words of wisdom when signing up with new sites.

  • Never pay to sign up for a site.

  • Don't sign up with individuals.  If someone is asking you to sign up with their studio.  probably a scam.  Not 100% of the time, but be extremely cautious.   You'll sign up with them and they'll take a portion of your earnings for no work on their part.   Regardless, a good thing to do even if you didn't go through an individual is to double check your earnings at the end of your pay period.  Make sure you're getting the full commission for your level.  If you have issues email the company support staff directly. Support should always have an official email, not some 3rd party email like  If you're thinking of intentionally signing up with a studio, make sure you research them heavily.  Ask them for information on resources they provide, what cut they take from your earnings.  Where they are based in.  If they reside in your country you have more legal options should something go wrong.  If they reside in another country you might just be S.O.L if they screw you over.  Essentially make sure they genuinely have something to offer you as a model.  That's worth it to you.

  •  Q: "Is there anything else I should know of when joining a site?"
 Yes, you should read over their model agreements carefully.  Personally I don't join sites that don't let me perform elsewhere.  It's rare that I've seen, but occasionally you'll come across sites that don't allow models to work elsewhere while they work there.  As well as make sure they have geoblocking capabilities.  Geoblocking lets you block states and countries.  So if you want to make sure your neighbor wont accidentally stumble upon your profile.  You can Geoblock your state, so you wont appear to them in any fashion.  Even if they some how got a hold of your username   Most sites you sign up for to perform on will own whatever media you upload.  So understand you might not have rights to that video you made for a client on that particular site.
  •  Q: "I signed up with my first site... Now what?"
Go here and read about starting strong(Section currently being developed check back in a few days.).  The first 2 weeks are always the most crucial with whatever site you sign up with. 

Good Luck!